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Things To Do In Tenerife

It is always a good idea to visit the island of Tenerife, undoubtedly a little paradise on earth. The island of Tenerife, which is part of the Canary Islands, has a lot to offer tourists.

It has magnificent beaches, numerous hotels to stay in and the main tourist attractions. However, the whole island hides some special places and secrets. Today we help you discover some of the best things to do in Tenerife for your next trip to the Canary Islands.

Climbing Mount Teide

This is the jewel in Tenerife’s crown. Teide is the third highest volcano in the world and the highest peak in Spain. Its peak, a must-see in Tenerife, is located in the centre of the island and the roads up to the top are spectacular and the scenery extraordinary. To get there, you can hire a car and stop off whenever you like. On the way, don’t hesitate to stop off at the Cañadas del Teide and enjoy the views of the entire national park.

If you want to find out more about the peak and reach its highest point, we recommend you take a guided tour. With guides who know the area like the back of their hand, you will discover unsuspected places and learn the best hiking techniques.

ou can also take the cable car, which will cost 13.50 euros each way. Reservations can be made online. But beware: don’t expect to get to the top! You need a special permit issued by the authorities to access the highest point of the volcano. To admire Teide, we recommend the Roques de García excursion, which starts at the Mirador de La Ruleta viewpoint.

Learning to surf, windsurf or kitesurf

This Canary Island is also famous for its surfing spots. It is said that there is a surf spot every 10 minutes, and this is no legend. In fact, the more you visit Tenerife, the more surf spots you will discover. If you don’t know how to surf but want to take the plunge and learn, we advise you to book a private lesson. There are many providers on the island and they will turn you into an experienced surfer ready to take on the waves.

If windsurfing or kitesurfing is your sport, El Médano in the south of the island is the place for you. This town has become world famous for its strong and constant winds all year round, ideal for these sports. There are numerous schools in El Médano for beginners.

Take a boat trip

There is always the option of renting a boat in Tenerife, so you will have the opportunity to discover the wonders that the island has to offer from the ocean and change the classic perspective from inland. Indeed, by taking a boat trip along the coast for a day, you will be able to contemplate the splendour of Tenerife, and even discover many hidden beaches.

If you don’t have a licence to sail, you can hire a skipper who will show you some of the most beautiful and hidden places, far from the tourists, that look like paradise.

Exploring Tenerife’s Corona Forestal

Tenerife’s Corona Forestal area is ideal for nature lovers. This protected area is the largest wooded area on the island. Put on your hiking boots and all the right equipment to enjoy this exceptional place: mountains, valleys, crevices and lots of vegetation.

You will inevitably fall under the spell of this place where endemic animals and plants live side by side. With a bit of luck, you will be able to observe the local pride: the Teide blue chaffinch, a bird that is one of the symbols of the island. Here the landscape changes rapidly. Hikers go from lush forests to lunar landscapes in just a few steps – a guaranteed change of scenery!


Visiting Tenerife also means discovering its marine fauna and flora, which are simply exceptional. And what better way to do this than with a first dive?

Put on your wetsuit and flippers and set off to observe the many marine species that inhabit the island. Green turtles, bands of colourful fish and dolphins for the lucky ones will offer you an unforgettable memory during your stay in Tenerife.

Enjoying the local food in the guachinches

The “Guachinches” are small restaurants, where you will have the feeling of eating at the home of a local. Here, the food is homemade and the products are island products. A special delicacy is the typical “papas arrugadas con mojo rojo y verde” (wrinkled potatoes with red and green mojo).

You’ll find them by chance as you wander the roads looking for signs written in marker pen or paint. Once you find them, follow the arrows! There are dozens of guachinches scattered around the island, mainly in the northern part of the island, where you can enjoy grilled meat, ropavieja, carne fiesta and other typical specialities.


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