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On pick up of the vehicle, a deposit of 300 € or 600 € (depending on the vehicle model) must be paid.


The company keeps the rights to Not to refund the money. If the customer delivers the car early, we will issue a gift voucher that can be used in the future.


The rental of the vehicle at this time must be a minimum of 2 days. Reservations less than 2 days will be canceled and money will be refunded .


The customer receives for the purposes of hire the vehicle and accessories described on this page, in perfect working condition, and undertakes to look after them and to drive in accordance with the Traffic Regulations. The following are expressly forbidden: a) the carriage of persons or property, where this might imply, directly or indirectly, the subleasing of the vehicle; b) driving of the vehicle by persons not authorised in the contract to do so; c) driving in poor physical condition as a result of alcohol, drugs, tiredness or illness.


The vehicle shall be returned in the place and on the date stipulated in the contract. Any modification must be authorised in advance by the hire company. Failure to observe this condition entitles the hire company to take legal steps for the return of the vehicle.


The customer accepts that he must pay, in addition to the hire costs and the relevant applicable taxes as shown in our rates, charges arising from the loss of documents (valued at €100), tools and accessories, and any kind of fines and legal costs incurred as a result of traffic offences or infringement of the Law by the customer.


The insurance contracted by the hire company covers damage , depending on the extent of the insurance cover taken out. In the event of negligent driving, the insurance cover is automatically invalidated, and the customer becomes liable for all damage.
Included in the insurance cover is loss, theft, or damage to the vehicle up to a value of Euros 3 000 , of which the customer shall pay up to Euros 800.


This insurance covers the driver for civil liabilities to third parties but not personal injury to the driver himself nor damage to the car . Obligatory Insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle insured nor injury to the driver, but it does cover passengers as they count as «third parties». This is so determined by Spanish Legislation.

In the event that the vehicle were stolen and caused an accident, personal injury and material damage caused as a result would be paid for by the Insurance Companies Compensation Organisation, which in its turn could sue the individual, when finally identified by due legal process, to pay for this damage.


Comprehensive insurance covers not only damage to third parties (obligatory) but also damage to the car caused by the driver (but only damage to the vehicle). This insurance does not cover:

  • Petrol, fines and breakdown lorries.
  • Loss or breakage of keys or remote-control keys.
  • Theft of the car with the keys left inside.
  • Personal objects inside the vehicle.
  • Damage to the wheels, tyres or underside of the vehicle.
  • Refuelling with the incorrect fuel.
  • The insurance does not cover accidents due to negligent or dangerous driving nor whilst driving under the effects of alcohol or drugs.
  • Taking the car off the Island of Tenerife.
  • The installation of accessories (child seats and baby seats) must be done by the person who hires the vehicle. The reason for this is that it is a condition imposed by our insurance company; in the event of any incident arising as a result of the incorrect installation of accessories, the company does not accept liability for consequent damage.


A clause by which, in the event of an accident, the liability of the insurance company is limited (in the event of an accident, the insurance company does not pay the first Euros 800€ of the repairs). All other conditions are the same as the previous.


In the event of accident involving the hired vehicle, the customer shall take the following steps:

a) not admit liability or prejudge responsibility;

b) obtain the complete details of the other party involved by filling in the form which is provided with the vehicle documentation, which he will return as soon as possible to the hire company. In the event of a serious accident , the driver shall inform the hire company by telephone.

c) immediately notify the Authorities if there is negligence by the other party


The hire company shall be responsible for expenses during the hire period for lubrication, oil changes, minor repairs (except punctures) up to a maximum of Euros 5 and shall justify these by bills or invoices.
The authorisation of the hire company is essential before carrying out repairs to a value of more than Euros 100 or using a breakdown service.


The hire company declares that it has taken the necessary precautions to avoid mechanical problems on the vehicle for hire, but in the event that they arise, takes no responsibility for any damage or loss which these, directly or indirectly, may cause the customer.
The customer declares that he has been made aware of the content of this contract.


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